what is wecoop?

It is a board game that simulates a company’s daily life which is focused on its internal relationships and those with the community in general.

Wecoop aims to spread in an entertaining way a new economic culture inspired by the principles of the civil economy and the concrete examples of the economy of communion and the cooperative movement. The game is based on the latest findings of scientific research in the field of behavioral economics that underline the importance for organizations and communities of factors such as trust, reciprocity, and team-thinking.

During the game the players will encounter typical entrepreneurial situations and choices: you have to seize opportunities, face the unexpected and solve social dilemmas. To win, you must learn to cooperate and compete to contribute to the well-being of your community.

The company’s success is measured by its ability to develop in all its dimensions: human dignity, environmental protection, equity, solidarity, democracy and participation.

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