THE Board

The board represents a solar year during which the life of the company takes place. With every move the entrepreneur will have to face new choices: paying or not paying taxes; working with partners or trying to earn more at their own expense; build a reputation of reliability by giving up quick gains today, but that could prove to be extremely profitable in the long run and so on.

There are also “mini-games”, challenges in the challenge: cooperating, investing, participating in calls for tender, everything depends on how good you are at figure out what the other players will do, given that they know what you are you trying to do, and that you know they know that…


These cards represent ups and downs: events, both positive and negative, that affect the life of the business: a plant that crashes or an unexpected order; incoming arrears or a strike of workers.

All events that you should keep in check and try to anticipate.


Each player impersonates a company. Each enterprise is described by an identity card showing its degree of development measured in five dimensions: 1) centrality of the person 2) social impact 3) protection of the environment 4) equity 5) participation.

The entrepreneur who has been able to develop better than the others all these aspects of her company will be the winner. But in WECOOP one only wins if she wins together, contributing to the flourishing of the territory and the whole community of reference.

  • When the play ends, the winner will be the player with the highest number of VALUE POINTS in his company ID card. Only when two players haves the same number of points, the winner will be who will have earned more money

  • The players contribute with their game choices in building a map that represents the region of reference. The purpose of the game is to favor the social and economic growth of the territory in which businesses operate.

  • The five “mini-games” represent different challenges and social dilemmas in which players are called to try and test their strategic abilities and moral insights. Trust, cooperation, reputation, reliability, are some of the elements that will be put on trial.

The BANK could not miss it.

It has the task of

  • safeguard the Common Fund
  • keep the money that is not owned by the players
  • manage monetary movements due to cards or mini-games
  • collect the taxes, fines and other dues.