The Wecoop game has been created to celebrate the international year of cooperation, from an idea of

Marco Benoni, Vittorio Pelligra and Carlo Tedde.

The initial group has been joined by young pedagogues, economists, mathematicians and designers who accepted the challenge of making some key principles of the project concrete and playable:

  • You can not win unless you win together

  • The market is not a zero-sum game, where for someone to win the others must lose

  • Without mutual trust the economic system is jammed

  • Investing in a good reputation is always a great deal

  • A company that produces wealth for itself but not for the territory in which it operates can not be said to be a successful business

Marco Benoni

Marco is a cooperative entrepreneur. For more than 30 years he has been working in the field of audiovisual, cinematographic and television production. He has been professionally trained alongside some of the filmmasters and national communication experts. In 1981, he founded, in Sardinia, the first production company; a few years later, constitutes Artevideo, a production company and cinematographic services company, of which he is Chairman.
He is the author and director of documentaries and short films of naturalistic, anthropological, tourist and cultural subject. He is Chairman of Federcultura Sardegna, a federation that brings together Confcooperative companies operating in the fields of communication, information, education, cultural services, sports and tourism.

Vittorio Pelligra

Vittorio has been an academic economist for 15 years. After a Master’s degree and a PhD at the University of East Anglia (UK) he comes to the University of Cagliari where he is currently a professor of Economics and where he teaches behavioral economics, economics of information and economic policy.

His studies focus on the role of social preferences (trust, equity, reciprocity) in interpersonal relationships and institutional design.

Besides his scientific research, Vittorio is engaged in an intensive cultural dissemination activity. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the SEC – School of Civil Economy and the NEXT Network – New Economy for All.

Carlo Tedde

Carlo is (happily) married with Teresa and father of 5 children. He is a social entrepreneur currently managing the Residenza Hotel SU BAIONE.

He was chairman of Confcooperative Sardegna, director of the Credit Cooperative Bank of Cagliari, councilor and co-founder of CHARIS, a social cooperative working at national and international level alongside charismatic organizations for the integration of lay people in the management of social work. She is also a counselor and co-founder of the XENAGOS Foundation, which works at national and international level for the inclusion of migratory flows in North Africa. He also has years of work with the Elan Cooperative managing the Cagliari juvenile detention center’s laundry.